“Something of my very own.”

Tres Fiori is dedicated to the creation of delicious cupcakes bursting with the beauty and glory of flowers of every kind.

Tres Fiori was founded by Owner Daniela Malavé, who also owns a dog treat business called Pawjackers. Having to struggle with inflammation issues like many people, and avoiding gluten at all cost, Daniela was frustrated by the lack of gluten free/organic dog treats and desserts for humans. As an artist at heart who comes from a family of artists, Daniela loved creating the dog treats from all-natural human grade ingredients, but wanted to do something more with her creative talents – and thus, Tres Fiori was born.

The cupcakes Daniela creates are confectionary works of art, fashioned after a beautiful array of colorful flowers, which are also gluten-free AND organic. The company itself is an homage to the three generations of women in Daniela’s family who created floral works of art and whom she wants to honor with her creations, her Grandmother Vera, her Mother Kathy and Daniela herself. These women are also represented in the Tres Fiori brand as the three flowers.

Daniela’s creativity is self-taught. In addition to the work she does for her companies, Daniela is a bilingual actor, voice over artist, producer, writer who gets many of her ideas and inspiration from nature, as is evident from the beautiful flowers that adorn her cupcakes.

For Daniela, Tres Fiori represents a very special accomplishment for her – it is something of her very own. “In my life, I have worked very hard to help others achieve their dreams, and now it’s time for me to do that for myself,” Daniela says. “I’m proud to have created Tres Fiori by believing in myself, by standing on my own two feet – now I want to see it grow into the creative, safe, collaborative, successful environment I know it can be. I’m excited to be a Latina woman business owner and see how far I can take my dream.”

Daniela has advice for other women who may be interested in starting a business, as well. “If you have a dream, go for it. It’s really important to follow your own impulses, your own curiosity, which I believe comes from something higher. When we stand in our power, it allows others to stand in their power, too – it lifts us all. Our dreams are worth saying yes to.”

We are glad you have found Tres Fiori and we know you will find something to love here – if you appreciate art, if you are looking for clean, natural, healthy ingredients, if you want to indulge in something unique and beautiful, you have come to the right place.

Please take some time to look through the pictures and videos on the products page so that you can become familiar with Daniela’s work. Daniela can create lifelike flowers on the cupcakes you order for any special event or occasion, ensuring that you can get your favorite flower in any season.

What can Daniela create for you?